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NL40° Hotel Beijing is located on the west side of the Suzhou Bridge on the West Third Ring Road in Beijing, adjacent to universities and the ancient Chinese royal garden-the Summer Palace.
The hotel's appearance is simple and simple, but the layout is compact and warm, with beautiful lines. The hotel has more than 100 sets of rooms, equipped with LED lights, solar hot water, Wi-Fi and so on. The rooms are transparent and bright, spacious and spacious. The bedding is made of cotton with fine texture and 120 specifications, which is low-key and exquisite. The hotel's double room has a separate sauna.
The hotel's subsidiary Meizhi Restaurant is one of the more cost-effective Japanese restaurants in Beijing. Most of the ingredients are from the original and pollution-free North Korean and Norwegian seas. There are also creative delicacies such as bacon roasted maiden fruit, eel shrimp roll sushi, beef liver roll, and more.
The hotel has 3 large, medium and small conference rooms, professional multimedia projectors, audio equipment, complete facilities, flexible and practical. The large conference room can accommodate about 150 people, can be used as a multifunctional hall, and can adapt to various events. Different requirements of the venue. The medium meeting room can hold about 50 people, and the small meeting room square meeting table can hold about 30 people. The well-equipped conference rooms of different scales are the ideal place for you to hold various meetings and business events.